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Heavily Pregnant And Running Out Of Choices, With Nowhere Else To Go, They Came To Her Door Looking For Help!

They were in for quite a surprise!

“We wrangled them up and brought them to the vet, and to our surprise, Suki was in the third trimester of her pregnancy, said Gianna.” 

Photo Courtesy of Gianna Llewellyn

That was the day that their feline friends became family. Suspecting that Miso was the father, the roommates moved the two cats permanently inside were they were allowed to gradually explore their new home.

With the birth expected in about two weeks, the two cats relaxed into an indoor life with full bellies and nights spent sleeping on comfy beds with their new human family.

Photo Courtesy of Gianna Llewellyn

Gianna wanted the best for her new family so she contacted Little Wanderers NYC for support and advice. The rescue helped with expenses and would find the kitten’s new homes when they were ready for adoption.

Miso was duly neutered and got all his shots so has not to spring any new surprises on his new family.

Photo Courtesy of Gianna Llewellyn

“We face challenges together and with that spirit, we must get busy and help all of the cats that come across our path, said a representative from Little Wanderers.

Suki was bang on time, and in two weeks she was going into labor.

Photo Courtesy of Gianna Llewellyn

Miso gave her the space she needed but would pop back to every so often to check in on her.

Soon she had given birth to seven healthy kittens, who because of Gianna and her roommates, would never have to know a single day of a life of the streets.

Photo Courtesy of Gianna Llewellyn

Suki has proved to be a great Mom, taking care of every need her kittens have.

She still spends alone time with Miso, but she always quickly returns to her babies to make sure they are OK.

Photo Courtesy of Gianna Llewellyn

In no time at all the tiny kittens were beginning to open their eyes and took their first few stumbling steps into the big wide world.

Suki and Miso were there to support them every step of the way.

Photo Courtesy of Gianna Llewellyn

As Gianna quite rightly points out, “this is just the kind of support community cats need.”

Because of her and her roommates, no backs were turned on Suki and Miso and nine lives were saved.

Photo Courtesy of Gianna Llewellyn

Due to the efforts of Gianna and Little Wanderers NYC, no more stray kittens will be born into the world from this sweet pair.

And the ones that have can look forward to a forever home and the love they deserve.

Photo Courtesy of Gianna Llewellyn

Watch a video of this cute family right here below:

These kittens will be put up for adoption with Little Wanderers NYC. You can follow them here on Facebook and also here on Instagram.

Letting Her Cat Outside One Day She Is Surprised When He Comes Back Home With What Could Only Be His Identical Twin!

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