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Heavily Pregnant And Running Out Of Choices, With Nowhere Else To Go, They Came To Her Door Looking For Help!

As they were moving into their new flat, seemingly out of nowhere, two cats suddenly appeared on their window sill.

One month ago Gianna Llewellyn and her roommates, Rob and Christie, were moving into their new apartment in Brooklyn, New York when they were greeted by two young cats with seemingly nowhere else to go.

Seemingly appearing out of nowhere the two cats were suddenly right there sitting on their window sill.

Photo Courtesy of Gianna Llewellyn

“After a taste of leftover salmon from our dinner, they were quick to return every morning and night until our backyard became their home. They would come for the food, but stay for the love and the head scratches,” said Gianna.

Joined at the hip the two feline friends began appearing on a daily basis. Every morning and night they were waiting for their meals. Named Miso and Suki, Gianna feels that they are way too friendly to have ever been feral cats.

Photo Courtesy of Gianna Llewellyn

“They are much too friendly to be feral. We suspect they may have been abandoned, although we can only imagine what their story must be.”

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Heavily pregnant she is desperate, going door to door, asking everyone, anyone at all for help!

Already in labor, knowing she is in trouble she goes to the only door where she knows she can get help!

Within days Miso (ginger) and Suki (black) had made the roommates back yard their home. Suddenly appearing whenever the roommates were outside.

Photo Courtesy of Gianna Llewellyn

It was around a week into the blossoming friendship that the roommates noticed Suki’s stomach was beginning to get larger despite the rest of her still being so skinny? Managing to gather the friendly pair up, the roommates found themselves on their way to a local vet.

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