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Once She Realized She Was Safe She Went Right To Sleep In His Truck

He was driving his semi through a rural area when he saw something strange crawling in the middle of the road?

It wasn’t until a few seconds after he went past that he realized it was a little kitten crawling in the middle of the road! A compassionate man, Matt stopped his rig, turned around and drove back trying to find the exact spot where he last saw her.

She was there, still crawling in the middle of the road, surrounded by woods, smack dab in the middle of nowhere. Either she was dumped there, or Mom had not been able to transfer the whole litter to a new location. Leaving her behind by accident.


“I found this little lady in the middle of a busy street so I stopped to pick her up,” Matt said.

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When he first saw it he thought it was dead. But something told him to stop!

Covered in hot grease a tiny kitten hangs on for dear life!

After she had been rescued, it was clear she felt safe with Matt, she went straight to sleep, right there in the cab beside him. He tried his best to wake her up, to no avail! According to him, she was snoring away, “as loud as a train!”

Photo Courtesy of u/matt-383

Now he needed to find a vet and get her checked over to make she was OK.

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