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Her Legs Twisted The Way They Were There Was No Way She Would Ever Survive On Her Own!

Found with twisted front legs there was no way she would ever survive. Rescued she was brought in for immediate care attention and hopefully rehabilitation.

Earlier this month a tiny kitten was found with bears and twisted front legs caused by contracted ligaments and tendons in both wrists. She was rescued and brought to the Friends for Life Rescue Network, a rescue organization based in Los Angeles.

Photo Courtesy of @chocolatebearcat

Knowing the one thing they could offer her was a chance at a good life, Mel Lamprey and her husband Zane, stepped up to help. They found right away this little girl was a snuggle-bug, wanting to immediate cuddles from the foster volunteer couple.

They gave her the name Quill and placed her on physical therapy sessions twice a day to help correct her legs.

Photo Courtesy of @chocolatebearcat

Despite her small stature, she’s such a champ at her physical therapy. “Her wrists are warmed up with a heating pad. They are then massaged and stretched to relax the tendons and ligaments in hopes of re-aligning the growing bones,” Jacqueline DeAmor, founder of the rescue, explained.

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They had wrapped themselves around her trembling body as if trying to protect her.

With her legs so badly twisted they needed to know she was not in any pain, that she had a chance at a better life.

Soon she will be place in weekly splints to improve and hopefully accelerate her range of movement. Nothing fazes this fearless feline, she faces all the challenges thrown at her and just keeps going.

Photo Courtesy of @chocolatebearcat

One thing was clear soon after Quill settled in with her foster family, and that is how much she adores them. She has become a master attention-getter, once she gains the attention she wants she somehow manages to maneuver that attention right into cuddles.

“She’s silly, curious, sweet, and a foster daddy’s girl. She has him wrapped around her tiny fingers,” said Mel.”Foster dad always swoops in like the hero after a (physical therapy) session and cuddles her.”

Photo Courtesy of @chocolatebearcat

Like all kittens, she loves to explore and play as much as possible.

She takes any and all opportunities to snuggle with Mom and Dad. As soon as she sees one or both of them walking by she will call out to be picked up, no is not an option when this happens.

Photo Courtesy of @chocolatebearcat

The tiny love-bug likes to spend most of her day wrapped around Dad’s neck when not in physical therapy.

Another must is getting purrito style cuddles after every meal.

Photo Courtesy of @chocolatebearcat

Mel and Zane have an older foster named Chester, whom they nursed back to health from a rough beginning. The ginger boy immediately took to the tiny newcomer.

“He walked right up and sat next to her like they were best friends,” Mel said.

Photo Courtesy of @chocolatebearcat


It was an instant bond as if they knew exactly what each other needed.

Chester has taken the role as Quill’s big brother, and the kitten relishes every moment with him. He keeps her clean and groomed and is attentive to her needs.

Photo Courtesy of @chocolatebearcat

For a tiny kitty, Quill is equipped with some big mittens.

She was just 12 ounces of sweetness when she came to her foster home.

Photo Courtesy of @chocolatebearcat

Quill had her first Easter this weekend. She was surrounded by lots of soft things and plenty of love and cuddles from her doting family.

Now, she’s blossomed into a full-time cuddle-bug with quite the personality to match.

Photo Courtesy of @chocolatebearcat

Watch Quill the kitten in this cute video:


Follow Quill and all her feline adventures here on Instagram. Follow Friends for Life Rescue Network here on Facebook and also here on Instagram.

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