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Leaving Camp He Hears A Squeek And Sees The “Tiniest Piece Of Floof” Running Toward Him!

Leaving camp he heard a tiny squeak and turned around, there it was, a tiny bundle of floof sitting all alone in the car park!

Tony is a geologist, he had been working at a remote site in Pennsylvania and was just leaving camp when he thought he heard the faintest squeak of a meow. There, sitting in the car park, all by itself, was a tiny black ball of floof, a little kitten.

Tony called out to the kitten and he raced, as fast as his little legs would go straight over to Tony, climbing up onto his shoulders, snuggling into him for a cuddle. The whole experience happened so quickly, and was so cute all Tony could do was just laugh.

Photo via u/AConfederacyOfDunces

Once the little feline had made himself at home, feeling safe and secure, he just fell asleep.

It was a very remote area, it was clear this little guy had nowhere to go, no home, all that surrounded them was empty farmland.

Photo via u/AConfederacyOfDunces

Other workers onsite came out to meet the little bundle of fur, working his charm they instantly fell in love, just as Tony had.

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From somewhere close by he heard an urgent meow, but where it was coming from.

Following their cries for help, he found them abandoned, in a box behind a store with no food or water.

Tony knew the kitten must be hungry.

Photo via u/AConfederacyOfDunces

Who knows when the little guy had had his last meal?

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