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There Right At Her Feet, Was A Very Surprised Mother Cat And Her Equally Stunned Kitten!

It must be every cat lovers dream come true, when out of nowhere a tiny kitten literally drops into your life.

You could call it fate, you could call it a one in a million chance, whichever you choose for Ellie Haywood, a 28-year old tenant, and her housemates, it was a dream come true when a stunned kitten fell into their life.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/asbestostheroofcat

It didn’t happen in the same way as when this kitten walked into this man’s life. It was more sudden than that. It happened during a storm, in a tumbledown house they were renting in Melbourne, Australia. A house that Ellie describes in BuzzFeed as, “old and decrepit property” that is “totally falling apart.”

So when they heard a storm was on the way they knew they had to make preparations. Forecasters had predicted rainfall of up to 50 millimeters per hour, according to Ellie her home has 5 waterfalls even if it sprinkles.

The tenants even joked about calling the state emergency services before the storm even arrived.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/asbestostheroofcat

And so it was, that night the storm arrived and the rain poured and the indoor waterfalls sprang into life. Then Ellie heard scratching come from inside the walls.

She initially thought it could be a possum and proceeded to go about her evening chores in another room when she heard a crash.

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Running to the source of the cacophony which turned out to be her bedroom she saw a hole in the ceiling.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/asbestostheroofcat

Directly beneath the hole on the floor, right at her feet, looking rather surprised was a mother cat and her rather stunned kitten!

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