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Soiled, Dirty And Very Timid, She Tries To Give Her A Home In The Hopes Of Turning Her Life Around

She was very dirty, very hungry, and very very timid, then they saw her beautiful eyes.

Betty and her husband saw a very dirty stray cat wandering outside their home one day. They began to leave food and water out for her and she soon began to hang around. As she got closer they soon saw her very beautiful odd-colored eyes.

After a year of feeding her no one had come forward to claim her. Now called Fluffy, they both decided to try and give her a permanent home, but first, they needed to come up with a plan.

Photo Courtesy of Betty H. @fluffythepuppycat

Betty fed her three times a day and hung around while she ate, hoping to increase her trust.

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When he is asleep he looks like any other cat, that is until he opens his eyes.

Some say he is too beautiful to be real, that with those eyes he looks right into your soul. Of course, he does, after all, he is a Bengal.

“At first, I was quiet. Once she got used to me being there without any hesitation, I began talking to Fluffy while she ate and drank,” Betty said. “Eventually, I attempted to pet her. It was really telling that she’d never had an owner.”

Photo Courtesy of Betty H. @fluffythepuppycat

Slowly Fluffy gingerly allowed Betty to pet her, flinching after just a few gentle strokes. However, with lots of patience, the young cat slowly realized this human meant well. Her attitude began to change from one of fearful touching to one of give me more.

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