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Imagine Their Surprise When Their Visitor First Moved In, Only To Then Find Out He Was In Fact 5 Cats In 1?

She first saw him sneaking about their patio, but no matter what they tried he would not allow them to get too close!

Erin and Landon of Austin, Texas started seeing a slightly reclusive cat sneaking and creeping about their patio around mid-March. Their visitor then made regular appearances.

He would show up for around an hour or two every evening and roll around on his back as if asking for a belly rub, then become skittish when they approached. When they began to walk away he would then chase after them? It was at this time Landon named the supposedly male cat Kevin.

“Don’t touch me but give me belly rubs?”

At the time all Erin really wanted to know was if Kevin was chipped? Kevin however, was not in a particularly co-operative mood.

After three days of exercising extreme patience, Erin decided to start opening her office door in the hopes Kevin would decide to come in. Curious as always that is exactly what Kevin did.

“She took a few laps around my office and laid down in the hallway like, ‘This is my house now’. I closed my office door, put her in our bathroom, and found a vet that would see us the next day to see if she was chipped. She wasn’t, and that’s when we found out that she was a girl and pregnant,” Erin explained.

“The date on the right is the estimated age the vet put down for Kevin. No, this isn’t a conspiracy, lol. The date of the visit was cut off so I could squish the pic in an Instagram story.”

If there was a word that would accurately describe Kevin, Erin says it has to be talkative. From the day they first saw her, to today, she talks almost nonstop.

Now that’s a surprise!

Just like Kevin’s everyday life.

The couple also has another family member in their home in the form of a dog called Murphy. Murphy as it turns out was raised with their other cat Max, who unfortunately passed in away in January, so he’s used to cats.

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She just wandered in made herself right at home, then surprised them by giving birth on the lounge room floor!

Soon after moving in a stray cat shows up at their door. So he made it very clear to her they were not adopting a cat!

A bit nervous initially in introducing Kevin to Murphy, they needn’t have worried. Kevin took control of the situation by walking right up to Murphy and the pair have been firm friends since. Murphy is also obsessed with Kevin’s kittens, loving it when they climb all over him and stalk him.

“She was clearly taking advantage of the situation by now.”

“Waiting for kittens.”

“April 1, 2020. 3 pm.”

It’s time!!

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