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Their Reaction To Being Adopted Together Is As Cute As It Is Heart Melting!

Snuggling together after being adopted, their reaction creates a heart-melting moment that quickly goes viral.

Two cats snuggle together in their new forever home after being adopted together from their local humane society in England.

This cute pair of sisters are clearly very happy, enjoying their newfound VIP life in their forever home.

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/TheArtofWax

The look of happy contentment on their faces is followed through in another shot where they can be seen playfighting when one sister bops the other on the head.

Their new owner had posted the snapshots on Reddit where they quickly went viral.

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Abandoned on their own all they had was each other for support.

Having been found alone she quickly befriends another kitten and insists on staying by her side through thick and thin.

“We recently adopted sisters from our local humane society. It’s moments like this that I’m glad we decided not to separate them.”

The posted racked up 3,300 likes in a very short space of time, warming the hearts of cat lovers all over the world.

Photo Courtesy of Reddit/TheArtofWax

Many people commented in complete support of the owner deciding to adopt the pair together.

“If I saw two siblings at a shelter I couldn’t bear to break them up. Good on you for making sure they could still be together.

Another said, “how sweet. Thank you for giving them a chance at a life together.”

A third wrote, “awww precious girls! I love it when people take siblings home together.”

While a fourth wrote, “so beautiful! Thank you for keeping them together.”

“Also I love that the two pictures show the duality of sibling culture.”

“They will never be lonely!” said another.

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