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Found In Bad Shape, Twin Brothers Refuse To Leave Each Others Side As They Fight For Their Survival!

Two brothers in far worse shape than their siblings are taken into foster care in the hopes of turning their life around.

Recently in Arlington, Virginia a litter of orphaned kittens is brought into the Animal Welfare League in need of immediate foster care. Two twin brothers from the litter are in quite bad shape, requiring more care and attention than the rest of their siblings.

Lauren Strycula is a foster volunteer with the organization’s Kitten College Program. After hearing about the two brothers she quickly volunteers to take care of the struggling pair so that would at least have a chance at life.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@our_fostering_tails

No more than a week old Lauren picked up the two tiny orphans, Jax and Jace, and brought them to their new home. It immediately became clear she was going to have a struggle on her hands just to keep these two alive.

Both kittens were having trouble feeding and latching on. Jace in particular seemed to be having the most issues.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@our_fostering_tails

“Unfortunately, Jace has been having a hard time latching since I brought him home and is not gaining weight the way that he should, said Lauren.

Soon however Jax was in on the game as well and Lauren’s first week was very much an up and down affair with both kittens struggling to feed from the bottle. This was followed by diarrhea which Lauren combatted with medication.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@our_fostering_tails

“Yesterday was quite the roller coaster ride! But I’m relieved to report that both he and Jax are now latching and eating. I could have cried at the sight of Jace’s first ear wiggles,” Lauren said.

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Orphaned at an early age they face the impossible task of trying to survive on their own.

They were told if they had been on their own neither kitten would have survived.

The next day the two boys were still in the fight, however, they really needed to be gaining weight. Jax seemed to bounce back the most, drinking like a champ, he was soon followed by Jace, and soon, gram by gram, both brothers were beginning to put on weight.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@our_fostering_tails

“Jace is a serious little guy but just as cuddly as Jax.”

Despite his serious side, he can sometimes be a bit of a weirdo too, something Lauren loves about him.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@our_fostering_tails

The twins look almost identical apart from subtle markings on their faces, and of course their unique personalities.

“You can tell Jace apart from his twin brother because his blaze is a little crooked (like his hat) and he has a right white ear!”

Lauren had to separate the twins at bedtime as they started suckling on each for comfort. A common reaction for orphaned kittens that lose their Moms early on in life. Something needed to deal with right away.

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