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The Mother Cat Went Right Over And Curled Up In The Middle Of Her Kittens.

Found in someone’s backyard, when they went to rescue them the Mother cat ran off when she came back her babies were gone!

Alissa Smith, one of the co-founders of Wrenn Rescues received a call about 4 ten-day-old kittens that needed a quick rescue. Staff at a shelter from Downey, California desperately needed help trying to find a placement for them.

Wrenn Rescues

With only 15 mins left on the clock, and not a sole able to take them a networking group stepped in. A lovely woman known only as CJ was even willing to drive them all the way to Ventura County to Wrenn Rescues.

They were originally found in a local yard with their Mom, but she quickly high tailed it when people got too close. A foster volunteer, Ashley, started overnight bottle feeding, and Jenifer took over during the day.

Screenshot via YouTube/Video

Mom had clearly been taking very good care of her babies, they were in such good health. However, once orphaned kittens are brought to a shelter they don’t usually see their Moms again.

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It’s very important to leave kittens if you find them and wait for the Mom before attempting a rescue.

Ashley @bruceandfoxfosters

It looked like these little ones were going to be hand-reared, but then something amazing happened.

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