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Behaving Very Strangely The Stray Seemed To Want Them To Follow Her? After Doing So They Soon Hear A Strange Desperate Sound?

Everyone knows her, she’s the local stray cat. Friendly as long as you don’t push her too far. One day though she was acting a little strange?

Everyone in the neighborhood knew her, and she knew everyone too. She was the local stray cat, very friendly as long as you didn’t touch her belly. Do it once and you soon learn its not a mistake you want to repeat again!

Screenshot via YouTube/Kritter Klub

One day though she was behaving strangely, hanging out in one place, in particular, she seemed to want the locals to follow her?

Screenshot via YouTube/Kritter Klub

When someone would approach her, she would get up and walk away?

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Then she would stop and lie down?

Screenshot via YouTube/Kritter Klub

She seemed very insistent about it, not giving up.

Screenshot via YouTube/Kritter Klub

She repeated this process until people caught on and actually began following her.

Screenshot via YouTube/Kritter Klub

She led her humans to a wall then lay down in the corner as if waiting for them to catch on as to why they were there?

Screenshot via YouTube/Kritter Klub

That was when they heard a strangely desperate sound, there was an animal crying out from somewhere near the wall!

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