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Looking Into His Eyes She Could See The Life He Had Lived Was Written All Over This Stray Cats Face

Clearly, in pain, the life he had been living was written all over this stray cat’s face. With one look she could see it had not been an easy one.

It was probably the sadness in his eyes that broke her heart most of all. He was obviously in pain, covered in dirt, his fur matted, he had been living the life of a stray for some time, this stray cat had been doing it tough. The life he had lived was written all over this stray cats face.

Marie-Eve, from Montreal Canada, knew she had to help. However, not used to human contact, he was not easy to catch!

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Lying on the streets, they found her with her rear legs wrapped in crude casts!

His struggle to survive on the streets had taught this stray cat one thing. Never to trust humans!

But with a little persistence and a touch of patience, she eventually managed it.

Now she needed to find him help.

She tried to find him a space at one of the shelters but none were available, so she took it upon herself to take him to the vet for treatment.

Chatons Orphelins Montréal intervened and offered to foster the kitty and provide additional medical attention along with rehabilitation.

Just take a look at what a lot of love, care, and attention can do to, not only change a life but completely turn it around.

Watch this heartwarming video right here below:

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On Their Own, Neither Of Them Would Survive. No Mom, No Food, All They Could Do Was Try To Keep Each Other Going.

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