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The Colder It Got The More Concerned She Became, Knowing He Needed To Be Indoors!

Just before winter settled in he wandered into her yard, saw the cat boxes, hunkered down in one and decided to stay.

Stephanie has always kept a couple of cat shelters in her yard over winter. As an animal rescuer in Montreal, Canada, it was the least she can do to help some of the local stray cats out as the colder it got, the more protection they needed from the elements.

Just before winter settled in for good, one of the neighborhood cats wandered into her yard and discovered the boxes. Choosing one for himself he walked in and decided to stay.

Photo Courtesy of Chatons Orphelins Montréal

Stephanie left food out for her new neighbor on a daily basis and then canvassed the local area to see if he belonged to someone.

However, no one claimed him, so for now at least, he was here to stay.

Photo Courtesy of Chatons Orphelins Montréal

As the days went by he became more at ease with his new caregiver, approaching her doorstep, getting closer and closer each day. Soon he was waiting outside on her porch every meal time.

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After feeding the neighborhood strays, she comes home to find a tiny kitten left on her balcony.

He had rescued many stray kittens in the past, this, however, was the first time he had ever been approached by one!

As it got colder, Stephanie became more concerned, he, however, was getting bolder, so she thought she would try to bring him indoors.

Photo Courtesy of Chatons Orphelins Montréal

She opened her front door as wide as it could go to see if he would walk in? Understandably hesitant at first he nosed around a little.

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