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Picked Up From The Streets, She Finds Herself On ‘Death Row For Cats’ All Because She Has One Extra Chromosome!

Maya is a little more special than other cats, but the people that found her on the streets didn’t think so. All because of one extra chromosome she was placed on ‘death row for cats.’

Maya is only one year old and had spent most of her short life living on the streets behind a Chinese Restaurant. People had found her there and decided to take her to a kill shelter and placed her on death row for cats. All because she looked a little different and well, acted a little different.

No one thought anyone would want this strange looking cat.

Thankfully ‘The Odd Cat Sanctuary’ found out about her and took her straight off death row.

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Abandoned for being too cuddly he was taken to a high kill shelter and scheduled to be euthanized.

A street kitten finds himself on death row because they said he was unadoptable.

She was then placed in a caring foster home.

They also placed a photo of Maya on their Facebook page in the hope Maya would find a forever home?

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