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Abandoned To A Life Of Pain A Rare Cat Goes Through The Garbage Cans Looking For Scraps!

One day, out of the blue he just showed up! Looking very different from all the other stray cats in the area, he was trying to survive on scraps of food from the garbage cans.

Saint Francis Society Animal Rescue arrived at the scene to check on this strange cat and evaluate his needs. He had been seen near an apartment complex, no one in the area had ever seen him before?

Someone spotted the cat and the “Cat Man,” Chris arrived. There were too many people for the strange cat’s comfort, he refused to come closer, even when food was placed before him. He was clearly in discomfort, in a lot of pain, so Chris decided to come back the next day and see if he could trap him.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Poole

The next day Chris returned and set a trap.

With fewer people around the cat’s hunger overcame his fear and entered the trap and ate the food Chris had set as bait.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Poole

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She had been called many cruel things! The only thing she really needed was some love.

He was born in a park, his mother was a stray. So why do so many people want to buy him?

Upon closer inspection, it was clear to see this was nothing other than the extremely rare “Werewolf” Cat.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Poole

Finding one of these rare cats living as a stray at this age is almost unheard of. It is more likely he was abandoned by his owner.

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