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Stuck Together Inside The Box, Covered In Paint, They Were Struggling To Even Breathe!

Walking down the street she heard a tiny meow, she couldn’t see where it was coming from? Then she saw the box, inside were two tiny kittens covered in paint!

Some images may be disturbing to people, please read on using your own discretion!

Two kittens had been abandoned, struggling to even breathe because they were covered in paint, their legs were also stuck together, they could barely move. They had been left in the box to die.

She tried to remove the paint herself, but this proved almost impossible to do, the paint was almost dry, she would need help!

Yue You Meng took the struggling kittens to a vet in Guangzhou, the second-largest city in Guangdong province, Southern China.

Photo Credit yousignanimals

By the time she got to the vets the paint was practically dry, one of the kittens almost couldn’t move at all!

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Found in a trash can, covered in spray foam.

Quite literally glued together, they were in a life-threatening situation.

All it could do was meow in desperation.

Photo Credit yousignanimals

How was the vet going to remove all the paint?

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