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Still Moving, It Had Been Abandoned On The Side Of The Road And Just Caught The Officers Eye!

After stopping he approached and soon saw it was a tiny black kitten crying on the side of the road.

After looking around for a Moma cat and or siblings the emergency medical technician turned up empty-handed. As it was way too close to passing traffic he took the kitten back to his car and contacted Stephanie Grantham of Sparkle Cat Rescue, even offering to drop the little one off at the rescue.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

The kitten was very young and so so tiny, but one thing was clear, his will to live was strong.

Stephanie quickly wrapped him up in a warm blanket and offered him some food. Once he had had enough to eat he quickly perked up.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

This little orphan was going to need around the clock care, so arrangements were made with an experienced caregiver Sarah Kelly.

Once welcomed into his new foster home Sarah named him Bear Grylls.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

“Just like his namesake, this little man is one strong survivor,” said Sarah.

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Despite his scary start to life, Bear was a happy go lucky kitten, eager for love and attention. Meowing and purring whenever Sarah was near, especially when she had his bottle in hand.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Kelly @kellyfosterkittens

For one so young and tiny his appetite never failed to impress!

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