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Starving Kitten Wandering The Roads Alone Runs To Man For Help

Driving home one day he saw something hiding in the long grass on the roadside, then out popped a head.

A very unkempt kittens head, Davy Gallant and his son in Quebec, Canada, immediately stopped to see if they could help. He got out of the car and called to the scraggley kitten.

Immediately she ran to him, clearly craving some attention, love, and affection. Similar to this story, she was in a very sorry state, starving, she was skin and bone, he had found her just in time.

They took her straight home and found she was riddled with fleas, so she was given a warm bath and treated for the infestation. Then given the state she was in it was time to be fed. She was given kibbles with water to help her eat.

David has rescued animals before. Over a decade ago he found a cat that did almost the same thing as this kitten. She was given the name Couscous and spent 14 years with David’s family.

Given the name Barley, inside he knew this tiny waif was going to be a part of his family too. But a lot of care and attention needed first.

Photo: Facebook/Davy Hay Gallant

Just three months later, she is a healthy, fluffy cat. She loves to cuddle and can be found in the lap of her family. “Her life now is great… She shares the house with the family, Kinoa the cat, Bella (a rescue dog) and Maika the Munsterlander,” says Gallant.

Photo: Facebook/Davy Hay Gallant

Gallant tells Love Meow, “We give the animal a few minutes to warm up to us. If they come running, we give them a home (or try to find one). If they avoid us, we alert the local animal shelter to send someone over to help.”

Gallant posted on Facebook, “How anyone can just abandon an animal by the road is beyond my comprehension.”

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