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No Matter What He Is Always Staring At His Human! Mind You He Has A Good Reason Too

Wherever his human goes, whatever his human is doing, he follows her around the house and won’t stop staring!

In fact, Wilbur has practically appointed himself as the supervisor, in charge of everything, staring at all that goes on in the house.

His new Mom is not allowed out of his sight, nor is she allowed out of earshot. Wilbur is always there watching her every step of the way, no matter what is going on.

“My newly adopted cat Wilbur won’t stop staring at me. Soon after he came home he started staring.

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When he got home he found a stray cat in his bed, staring at him as though he was the intruder.

After searching desperately for her missing cat she sees a stray cat staring right at her?

And he follows me around but not my husband,” Imgur user theacaciasteph explained.

It turns out his previous owners no longer wanted Wilbur. There was nothing wrong, they just didn’t want him around anymore.

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