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Unable To Help The First Time, His Heart In His Mouth He Drove Back Hoping They Were Still Alive!

Noticing some animals squirming on the side of the road he pulled over to see what they were?

One afternoon he was driving to meet up with a friend of his who needed his help.

On the way there he noticed something alive squirming on the side of the road, it had just caught his eye as he drove past.

Screenshot Via Youtube/The CutieKool

Pulling over to check on what it might be he found four tiny kittens crying for help.

Two of them were already wandering onto the road and were in real danger of being run over.

Screenshot Via Youtube/The CutieKool

The other two were huddled under some fall leaves.

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She found her baby on a hot summer day, sitting in a bowl of milk!

He finds a kitten on the side of the road, it seems uninjured, so why is it screaming?

Unable to help at that time due to a friend in need, the man contacted social media for help.

Screenshot Via Youtube/The CutieKool

But no help came!

So he returned to the site, his heart in his mouth, hoping the kittens were still alive!

Screenshot Via Youtube/The CutieKool

What he saw broke his heart!

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