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Spinning End Over End Tumbling From The Bridge. It Is Still Moving After It Hits. He Rushes To Help!

He sees a black object spinning end over end from the bridge and hit the water! In shock he then sees it move!

At first, he assumed at first it was just another piece of trash spinning end of end after being thoughtlessly thrown from the bridge. Captain Jordan Smith, owner of Let’s Fish Destin Charters had seen many people thrown trash off the bridges around Destin, Florida. However, trash doesn’t keep moving once it has hit the water!

But this wasn’t trash, some callous uncaring person had thrown a living thing off the bridge!

Screenshot via Youtube/10News

Carefully maneuvering his boat to take a closer look, Captain Smith soon realized it was an animal, a cat with beautiful orange eyes looked up at him from the water’s surface. Clearly terrified he immediately reached for his net.

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A cardboard box is thrown off a bridge, from inside comes a very frightened meow!

Stuck on the bridge for six days she had given up on ever being rescued!

“I saw these little orange eyes looking at me and I reached down with my dip net and got it,” he told a local news outlet. “I picked it up and it latched on and didn’t want to let go. [Her] little heart was beating really fast.”

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

As he was on a charter, Captain Smith knew he couldn’t take her out to sea, especially after such a fall. He took his new shipmate to Harbor Walk, a beachfront area full of shops and restaurants where a friend of his was working He asked if she could take care of the frightened feline until he got back. Just as concerned as he was, his friend took the cat to the vet to make sure she had no major injuries.

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