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What They Didn’t Know When She Was Trapped And Spayed Was That At The Time She Nursing A Litter Of Newborn Kittens Nearby!

Her Mom had been spayed without rescuers knowing she had a litter of kittens nearby. Found a couple of days later one little kitten was crying her heart out!

Ripley’s Mom was trapped and spayed in a TNR program at a local cat colony in California. Unfortunately, at the time no one in the TNR team knew she was nursing a litter of kittens. When she was released back into the colony she took flight without going back for her babies.

She had hidden her litter well because when they were found two days later, only one kitten still alive. Clearly the one with the strongest spirit, she was still stubbornly crying for her Mom.

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

Ashley Kelley, an experienced foster Mom volunteering with Wrenn Rescues had planned to take a bit of break after dropping off her last kitten. But when she heard about Ripley she couldn’t say no.

“I was planning on taking a little break after Otti leaves this week, but the universe always has different plans for me, lol. I was able to pick her up right away, and she was only 20 mins away from where I dropped Moira off,” she said!

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

She needed around the clock care and attention to keep her going. Extremely dehydrated and unable to eat on her own she had to be tube-fed. Only 18 hours after coming under Ashely’s care, she had put on 10 grams and was latching on like a champ.

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After she feeds the stray cat she is surprised when the feline Mom then takes her to meet her kittens!

She meows with joy when reunited with her kittens, something however still seems to be bothering her?

“She’s incredible and I’m so proud of her! I’m hoping after a round of antibiotics and eye treatment she will feel 100% again,” said Ashely.

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

Now well on the road to recovery, her appetite grew in leaps and bounds and she developed quite an appreciation for comfy beds along with lots of attention. After getting a clean bill of health from the vet the only thing Ripley now had to focus on was growing. At five weeks old she was still only the size of a 3-4 week old kitten!

At around this time, Ashley was called regarding another kitten in need of foster care. She then decided it might be a good time for Ripley to have a friend.

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

The tiny tabby was just skin and bones and had been found after children heard him meowing his heart out in a tree. They had managed to help him down and take him into safety. The question was how would he go when meeting a strange new kitten?

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