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Hiding His Paws In Obvious Pain She Found A Senior Cat Crying For Help

She heard a strange meow outside so went to investigate and found a senior cat on her porch. What broke her heart was he was hiding his paws, clearly in pain!

Holding them gingerly beneath is body, meowing over and over he clearly he was in a lot of pain, she knew right away he needed help!

She carefully picked up the injured feline and took him to her car, then off they went to the vet as this boy needed medical attention right away. She was told he was about 10 years old and had come to her porch looking for help.

He had an infection in his paws that left them permanently raw.

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They heard the thunder and the rain, but they could hear something else too, it sounded like a cry for help?

It breaks her heart to see this loyal cat showing up on her porch every day, still looking for his best friend.

This meant that every step he took was one of pain, no wonder he went to her.

Luckily he injuries were treatable but he would need a lot of care and attention if he was to recover fully.

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