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Found Orphaned And Alone, She Wanted To Help Him. However, They Soon Found Themselves In Quarantine!

Found orphaned and alone and very hungry. Arrangments needed to be made quickly so he could get the help he needed.

He was only 3-weeks old when they found him orphaned and alone. He was soon brought in by San Jose Animal Services. Amber Rose of Saving Grace Rescue reached out on behalf of the little kitten and soon a foster home was found. Soon, however, everyone would find themselves in quarantine!

Merissa, a volunteer foster Mom responded without hesitation.

Photo Courtesy of Saving Grace Rescue

Arrangements were made and soon Merissa had picked up the tiny kitten and they were on their way home.

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Soon after settling her new guest in, California residents were advised to stay at home!

Photo Courtesy of Saving Grace Rescue

She had picked him up just in time.

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