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Cat Rescued From The Side Of The Road Surprises His Humans With His True Fluff!

Found on the side of the road, he was near death, that he lived was a big surprise. However, the biggest surprise was when he revealed his real self!

After rescuing a very sick looking kitten from the roadside, a Florida family took him home. Near-death they did what they could to revive him, then cleaned him up.

They were surprised to see how quickly he revived and then to see how fluffy he was! They were to soon learn however, this was just the beginning.

Photo from @sir_silas_kitty

“Silas before and after! He was left on the side of the road, and near death. We gave him a forever home,” Sila’s family in Florida wrote on Instagram.

He soon turned the corner and his health began to improve. He was fed plenty of food and had all the toys a kitten could ever want!

Photo from @sir_silas_kitty

As he grew and grew, his fur seemed to get fluffier and fluffier!

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In fact, he went from fluffy to simply glorious!

Photo from @sir_silas_kitty

His eyes remained blue and didn’t change color as many kittens do.

Now he was a very handsome teenage kitty.

Photo from @sir_silas_kitty

Soon they get another surprise!

To find out what happens next click 2 below!

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