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Soaking Wet, She Still Had The Barest Whisper Of Life Left In Her Tiny Body!

One day a kind-hearted woman found an abandoned newborn kitten lying on the sidewalk the rain. It seemed she only had the barest whisper of life left in her tiny body.

A Reddit user known as u/Klaanigan found a tiny newborn kitten completely alone, soaking wet and malnourished lying on the concrete.

Still, barely alive there was no Mom or siblings anywhere to be seen, somehow she had become separated from, or abandoned by her Mom.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/Klaan

Straight away the kind-hearted woman grabbed a napkin and picked the tiny kitten up, bringing her home with her. In a desperate state, the kitten needed to be dried, warmed up and fed as soon as possible.

All of u/Klaanigan’s family did their best to care for the tiny kitten, feeding her milk from a bottle. They could tell she was a fighter because day by day, little by little she began to improve.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/Klaan

One of u/Klaanigan’s children even posted pictures of the kitten on Imgur and Reddit where it was seen by lots of social media followers of social media.

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They were found on the sidewalk curled up against the cold, struggling to stay warm.

Helpless she is found on the sidewalk, burning under the mid-summer sun.

The kitten was given the name Iris, her new family was surprised to see so many heartwarming messages of support from people they had never met.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/Klaan

“My mom and my little brother are taking care of it now, they named it Iris. I will make sure my mom can read all your nice comments!” one of the children posted on Imgur.

What has happened since then we don’t know. However, given the type of people taking care of Iris, we assume she either remained part of their family or was adopted into another family. One of the last photos posted on Imgur shows Iris taking her first steps with her eyes just opened.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/Klaan

It’s estimated that there are roughly sixty million stray cats in the United States alone, although the number isn’t an exact science. Iris is definitely lucky that she had someone who took care of her when her life was hanging on a very loose thread.

If you spot a stray animal on the streets and it looks like it definitely needs help, it’s important to make sure that the cat or dog is completely safe and isn’t in any danger. Taking care of it and providing access to food, water, and shelter definitely is a must. Too many stray animals die every year because they simply don’t have these three basic necessities.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/Klaan

The next step should be to let one of your local animal organizations know about the stray, to see if they can help. Perhaps it’s not a stray after all, but a lost pet who would like to return to his owners. It can be hard to track down a potential owner if there isn’t a microchip, but reaching out to local Facebook groups definitely can’t hurt.

And if the stray doesn’t seem to have an owner, you can definitely surrender your rescued pal to the local Cats Protection shelter who will do their best to find them a loving forever home. That is if you haven’t made the adoption yourself, of course.

Photo’s Courtesy of Imgur/Klaan

In Iris’s case its clear to see her life has definitely taken a step in the right direction!

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