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Soaked To The Skin And Freezing She Is Shivering Uncontrollably!

Cold wet and shivering she is rushed to the hospital after being rescued from the wind and waves as the storm raged off the coast.

While Hurricane Matthew raged off the coast of Raleigh, North Carolina a tiny kitten is found trying to survive the storm’s destructive power all on her own.

Cold, wet, and shivering uncontrollably there is no way she going to come out the other side alive. So rescuers rush her to Petsmart’s Banfield Pet Hospital where in an effort to warm her up, and hopefully save her life, vets place her in a tube sock.

Photos Courtesy of Twitter/Sarahfu (@crysomemore).

The sock fits her perfectly so two holes are made in the sock to allow her tiny furry legs to poke through.

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The colder it got, the more concerned she became that he was outdoors!

They were so cold rescuers could not even find a temperature!

Thankfully the tiny feline soon warms up, recovering from her ordeal she is soon ready for adoption.

Photos Courtesy of Twitter/Sarahfu (@crysomemore).

Twitter user Sarahfu (aka @crysomemore) happened to be at the Petsmart store buying some supplies for her own pet when she saw a Dad and his tree kids mooning over the adorable sock kitten.

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