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Her Decision To Sneak Back In Two Weeks Later And Deliver Her Kittens Might Have Saved Her Life

Looking for somewhere safe to have her babies, she turns up outside someone’s house! The door was open, so she walked right on in!

She had shown up in the neighborhood in Queens, New York about two months ago. A local who feeds the stray cats saw the tabby appear out of the blue, run straight past her into her house!

Photo Courtesy of Sara Zoe @sarazoekittens

She found her down in the basement making herself right at home and decided to let her stay as it was quite cold outside.

She spent the night, only to disappear the very next day. Then two weeks she was back and there was a litter of newborn kittens hiding out the woman’s shoe rack!? The tabby had chosen her home to deliver her kittens.

Photo Courtesy of Sara Zoe @sarazoekittens

The woman reached out to her local community for help right away and soon got a response. A local rescue group got in touch and asked if they could be of assistance. A volunteer with the group, Sara Zoe took the young family home naming the Mom Magnolia.

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Heavily pregnant she crossed two state lines to deliver her kittens!

Because of his small act of kindness, she came back bringing an unexpected surprise!

Soon the young foster family had settled in, only to have it dawn on Sara that Magnolia needed a lot more help than Sara could provide.

Photo Courtesy of Sara Zoe @sarazoekittens

So much so Magnolia had to be rushed to hospital!

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