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She Was Very Unique, So Was Every One Of Her Kittens

When this very unique stray cat gave birth her rescuers realized each and every one of her kittens was just as unique as she was!

Imgur user slowkidsplaying found an abandoned cat, what was a little different about her was this cat was pregnant. Soon she would be giving birth to her litter of kittens, so slowkidsplay and a co-worker decided to help her.

They rescued the very unique looking tortoiseshell with the cute little bobtail and gave her a safe place to give birth.

Soon after giving birth they quickly realized that each and every one of her litter was just as special as their Mom.

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Just below here’s Mom with her very differant looking babies.


Here’s one kitten who looks just like Mom, except for one very important thing, this kitten has a full-length tail.


The second little furball is completely black. In fact, the only kitten that is one whole color!


The third was the “oddball,” a ginger tabby with a bobtail – just like Mama!


The fourth was a “torbie,” or a “tabby with tortie spots,” the poster explains.


For a while, it seemed as though this mama was done giving birth. But hours later, another surprise came along…

“This little guy came almost 2 hours later when we thought for sure she was done at 4,” writes the poster.


The rescuers made sure that the family remained safe and comfortable. Considering that they went out of their way to save these felines, we’re sure that they’re going to make sure everyone finds a forever home and gets spayed/neutered when they’re ready.

Thanks to these rescuers who cared enough to take in an abandoned cat… they saved six lives that day!

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When she looked into his eyes she could see the type of life he had been living was written all over his face.

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