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Hearing Her Desperate Cries, They Find Her, Just Skin And Bone, She Was Starving, Begging Them For Help!

When they got home from church they heard crying coming from outside. After opening the kitchen door they see a starving cat!

After they had come home from church a family hears some desperate cries coming from outside? Opening the kitchen door they find a tiny tabby cat who has clearly not eaten in quite some time, she seemed to have come to them looking for help

Screenshot via YouTube/The Dodo

Not able to turn their backs on the skinny cat, the daughters do the right thing and give her something to eat.

Screenshot via YouTube/The Dodo

Along with the meal she also got a drink and something else. Lots and lots of love.

Screenshot via YouTube/The Dodo

Right from the start, it seemed she was where she wanted to be. She was not the least bit frightened. Something unusual for a stray cat.

Screenshot via YouTube/The Dodo

She seemed to have decided that this was her family so they allowed her to stay and named her Amelia.

Screenshot via YouTube/The Dodo

The family wasn’t sure if she would survive because of the way she looked.

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They knew that something was wrong so they took her the vet to be examined.

Screenshot via YouTube/The Dodo

It didn’t go as they hoped and the vet sent them home with a “grim prognosis” saying that Amelia had very little hope of survival.

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