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Only A Few Days Old, In Need Of Immediate Care, They Have Somehow Become Seperated From Their Mom!

At just a few days old they have somehow become separated from their Mom.

A litter of tiny kittens is found on their on after somehow becoming separated from their Mom. One kitten is much smaller than her siblings and very very weak weighing a paltry 84 grams, just half the size of her siblings.

In need of immediate care, the tiny felines are taken to kittenbnb in New York City where they meet their new foster Mom Jess Thoren.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kittenbnb

Jess’s immediate concern was the poor health of the smallest kitten as she was so much weaker than the rest of her littermates.

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They were told these kittens are the runts of the litter, neve to be re-homed!

The runt of the litter, he had stopped eating. She was told not to bother he was just not worth it!

She’s very weak compared to her siblings, I’ve been tube feeding her every 2 hours, said Jess. ⁣

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kittenbnb

After two days in Jess’s care, her “tiny nugget” had gained some weight putting on 12 grams. This may not sound like much but it was a small step in the right direction to the new weight of 96 grams.

While tube feeding the tiny girl Jess also found some strange wounds on her body. She wasn’t sure how she got them, perhaps she had sustained them accidentally when Mom was carrying her?

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kittenbnb

The wounds were filled with puss so Jess had them drained and cleaned right away.

“I’m not sure if that was a contributing factor to why she is so weak (could be so many reasons).”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/kittenbnb

I’m REALLY hoping that with antibiotics and the consistent feedings that she will make it through this,” Jess said.

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