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It’s Freezing Outside As The Snow Gets Heavier When He Sees A Stray Cat Scratching At The Window, Asking To Come In!

Working from home one snowy day, he noticed something strange? A cat started scratching at his window!

Nathaniel Styer was working from home on a particularly cold wintery day when he noticed something strange outside his apartment window.

Screenshot via YouTube/Stories of Animals

As heavy snow fell a fluffy cat began scratching at his window, asking to come inside.

Screenshot via YouTube/Stories of Animals

Nathaniel felt that was fair enough as it was “freaking freezing” outside, who could blame her.

Screenshot via YouTube/Stories of Animals

As he got closer he recognized her right away. Her name was Chunk Chunk, a member of a nearby stray cat colony.

Screenshot via YouTube/Stories of Animals

His fiancée Renee, volunteers her time to help keep the local community cats safe.

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They were found huddled up on the sidewalk. Curled up against the cold, doing their best to stay warm.

Just days from delivery, desperate, she begs to be let in.

Not a big fan of the stray cats himself, Nathaniel knew Chunk Chunk was having a hard time of it.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/ChunkChunkthecat

He couldn’t bear to see her suffer like this.

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