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She Was Doing Her Best To Keep Them Warm, But She Was Fighting A Losing Battle

Driving down a cold Ontario road on a snowy winters night she something unusual on the side of the road?

There on the side of the road was a shivering dog! When she got closer she couldn’t believe her eyes, freezing in the snow she wasn’t alone! She was doing her best to keep five tiny kittens warm, all of them curled up in the snow.

On her own, she could have found somewhere much warmer to spend the night, but, using her body heat, she had chosen to keep these very young felines as warm as she possibly could.

Photo Courtesy of Pet and Wildlife Rescue

The Good Samaritan contacted The Pet and Wildlife Rescue (P.A.W.) team in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, who sent an animal control officer to pick up this unique family. When they arrived back at the shelter it was clear for all to see that a close bond had already been formed between this kind-hearted dog and her kittens.

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Shelter staff gave the dog the name Serenity in honor of her selfless act. It is thought that she is around two years of age, and the kittens about 5 weeks old. Where they came from or how they came to be together is unknown. Staff posted photos of the very proud looking pooch and her feline litter on November 16th.

Photo Courtesy of Pet and Wildlife Rescue

Since that first post, the kittens have been taken in by a foster family, where they will stay until they are old enough to be on their own and go up for adoption, the shelter said.

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