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He Clung To Her In Desperation Begging Her To Save Him!

Out taking a walk one she hears a tiny cry in the distance, thinking it was a bird she didn’t take much notice until she got closer, soon realizing it was way worse than she imagined!

Shadi Delshad it was out taking her regular walk one day she heard a distant cry. At first, she thought it was a bird, as she got closer however she soon heard they were cries of pain and desperation.

She soon saw that the distressed cries were coming from an injured kitten sheltering under a large tree. Approaching as carefully as she could, he didn’t panic or try to flee. Shadi knew then he must be badly injured.

Photo Courtesy of Shadi Delshad

The skin around part of his jaw had been peeled back, leaving it bleeding and raw. Along with that, his left paw was limp, with his right paw he clung to Shadi in desperation, begging her to save him.

She rushed the injured boy home to tend to his wounds. So exhausted he didn’t want to eat or drink, using what energy he had left to curl up in her lap, falling fast asleep. Feeling safe at last.

Photo Courtesy of Shadi Delshad

Having not seen the kitten eat anything, all Shadi could do was cry thinking she had found him too late.

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Unable to walk he found it bleeding on the side of the road!

An emergency room doctor tries to revive an injured cat!

Eight hours later though he finally woke up and began eating a little wet food and taking a drink. Now he was ready to visit the vet.

Photo Courtesy of Shadi Delshad

After a thorough inspection the vet found the kitten to have suffered an impact trauma, either from being hit by a car or falling from a tree.

His left paw was limp due to nerve damage, the vet was unsure if it would ever heal?

Photo Courtesy of Shadi Delshad

The was a possibility it may even need to be amputated if he had to drag it around forming painful sores.

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