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The Runt Of The Litter She Had Always Walked The Streets Looking For Food.

For all of her short life, the runt of the litter, she had been walking the streets looking for food. One day she decided to make a change for the better.

One day quite out of the blue four little kittens appeared outside of the home of Ariel Heath. With no mother cat to be seen, the four thirsty young felines, one clearly the runt of the litter, were seen drinking water out of a dogs bowl. Upon hearing humans nearby they took off into some bushes to hide.

Photo Courtesy of Ariel Heath

Ariel contacted her neighbors regarding the four kittens, but no one knew anything about them, so she began leaving meals, hoping they might reappear.

Although she didn’t see them, whenever she checked the food bowl, every morsel was gone, usually within about half an hour.

Photo Courtesy of Ariel Heath

Day’s later the family heard a tiny meow from near the backdoor? It was the runt of the litter, she had come alone, hoping for something to eat. She was pretty nervous though, high tailing it if she noticed the slightest movement.

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So Ariel decided to place meals near the fence, sitting in the yard so the kitten would get used to her presence. She would meow, and the kitten would appear, crawling under the fence to eat. She was alone now, her brothers and sister were nowhere to be seen.

Photo Courtesy of Ariel Heath

Over a period of time, the kitten would eat near Ariel as long as she made no sudden movements. Sometimes she would peer in the window to let them know she was there.

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