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She’s Out Jogging One Day When She See’s Something Falling From The Sky?

Out jogging one day, she sees something falling from the sky? This is followed by a high pitched meow.

Kendra White was out on a farm track in Woodhead Lane, Chesterfield, England out for her usual daily jog when from her peripheral vision she sees something falling from the sky?

From roughly the location where it fell, there came a high pitched meow. Kendra’s s a cat lover, so right away she knew what it was. Going to the location of the meow she found a tiny grey kitten, in Kendra’s words:

“No bigger than a golf ball.”

Photo Courtesy of Derby Telegraph / BPM Media

Clearly only a few days old, he still had his eyes closed, and miraculously no broken bones from his unplanned skydive. This lucky kitty has well and truly used up one of his nine lives very early in life.

Kendra scooped up the tiny feline and placed him in her bra to keep him warm and safe until she could take him to a vet.

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Kendra, who works as a bodyguard, showed the kitten to one of her neighbors on the walk back home. Right away the neighbor fell in love with the little furball and asked if he could take care of him.

From there, the kitten’s unexpected adventure that day continued, he was taken to Matt Smith Vets in Chesterfield on Monday, July 29.

Photo Courtesy of Derby Telegraph / BPM Media

“It was a really warm day, if I hadn’t have been there he probably would have been fried by the sun or the bird would have come back and eaten him.

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