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Pulling Over Because Something Didn’t Look Right, She Finds A Kitten Dragging Its Leg As It Tries To Walk!

She thought she saw a t-shirt lying on the side of the road and decided to take a closer look. Pulling over she heard a meow and saw a tiny kitten dragging its leg.

Yesenia Dela Cueva was driving from California a couple of weeks ago when she thought she saw what looked like a t-shirt lying on the side of the road. Something didn’t seem quite right so she decided to pull over and take a closer look.

Suddenly the t-shirt meowed and as she got closer she saw that it was a tiny white kitten dragging one of its legs as it tried to walk. What surprised Yesenia, even more, was that the kitten allowed her to approach and didn’t try to flee.

Photo Courtesy of Yesenia DelaCueva @bella_loves_buster

In fact, it allowed her to pick it up and wrap it in a blanket.

Yesenia took the little furball home, noticing the little girl was covered in fleas. She gave her bath, followed by a meal. At last, they could both get some much-needed sleep.

Photo Courtesy of Yesenia DelaCueva @bella_loves_buster

“I reached out to a Facebook page for advice. I had never had a cat so I knew nothing about them,” said Yesenia.

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When it came time to leave, someone refused to let her go.

Found wandering the streets together they refused to leave each other side.

Yesenia had never had a cat before and almost knew nothing about them. As she would soon be moving to the East Coast she thought the best solution would be to find her a family.

Photo Courtesy of Yesenia DelaCueva @bella_loves_buster

Not wanting to get attached she didn’t name her. The next day they went to a shelter, however, the organization had almost no resources and could not take her in.

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