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Pulling Over To Investigate She Heard A Meow And Saw A Tiny Kitten Dragging Its Leg

She thought she saw a t-shirt lying on the side of the road and decided to take a closer look. Pulling over she heard a meow and saw a tiny kitten dragging its leg.

Yesenia Dela Cueva was driving from California a couple of weeks ago when she thought she saw what looked like a t-shirt lying on the side of the road. Something didn’t seem quite right so she decided to pull over and take a closer look.

Suddenly the t-shirt meowed and as she got closer she saw that it was a tiny white kitten dragging one of its legs as it tried to walk. What surprised Yesenia, even more, was that the kitten allowed her to approach and didn’t try to flee.

Photo Courtesy of Yesenia DelaCueva @bella_loves_buster

In fact, it allowed her to pick it up and wrap it in a blanket.

Yesenia to the little furball home, noticing the little girl was covered in fleas. She gave her bath, followed by a meal. At last, they could both get some much-needed sleep.

Photo Courtesy of Yesenia DelaCueva @bella_loves_buster

“I reached out to a Facebook page for advice. I had never had a cat so I knew nothing about them,” said Yesenia.

Yesenia had never had a cat before and almost knew nothing about them. As she would soon be moving to the East Coast she thought the best solution would be to find her a family.

Photo Courtesy of Yesenia DelaCueva @bella_loves_buster

Not wanting to get attached she didn’t name her. The next day they went to a shelter, however, the organization had almost no resources and could not take her in.

Feeling after meeting so many dead ends that this was meant to be, Yesenia adopted her. She gave her the name Bella, and she had her forever home, a family of her own.

Photo Courtesy of Yesenia DelaCueva @bella_loves_buster

“I was growing so attached to her, and just wanted her to feel safe. I took her to the vet and asked that they do the necessary to prepare her to fly,” Yesenia said.

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When Bella met the family dog Buster, she started following him everywhere around the house, insisting on being his friend. She would watch him play and pounce on his tail in the process.

Photo Courtesy of Yesenia DelaCueva @bella_loves_buster

Bella went to the airport with her family and took her first flight to her new home in Rhode Island.

“She did great the whole flight. I think she knew she was going to be ok.”

Photo Courtesy of Yesenia DelaCueva @bella_loves_buster

The former street cat is loving her new life as a spoiled indoor kitty. She is happy, active and quite the mischief-maker

Buster tolerates her every antic and doesn’t mind the rough playing.

Photo Courtesy of Yesenia DelaCueva @bella_loves_buster

“She is always lurking within three feet from him all the time. When he’s eating, she will swat his tail and run away only to come right back,” said Yesenia.

The two best friends often share lap time with their human together.

Photo Courtesy of Yesenia DelaCueva @bella_loves_buster

“First day, she climbed into our bed and went right to sleep before we went to bed,” Yesenia said.

Now, she has a buddy to cuddle with every night. Life is good!

Photo Courtesy of Yesenia DelaCueva @bella_loves_buster
You can Watch Bella and Buster in this cute video below:

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You can also follow Bella and her canine friend Buster here on Instagram.

Rescued from the streets she is smothered in fleas. Staff at the shelter soon learn she suffers from an extreme case of single-kitten syndrome.

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