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While Risking Her Life Every Day She Has Done A Great Job Raising Her Kittens! But There Is No Way They Can Stay Where They Are!

At around 5.00 am in the morning, almost every day she is shocked into consciousness by a terrible ruckus coming from the ceiling. She wants to know what the heck is going on?

Having been wakened almost every morning at 5.00 am by a deafening noise from the ceiling of her apartment in Korea, an elderly lady wants to know what is making all the noise?

Screenshot via YouTube/KritterKlub

What is causing the terrible ruckus coming from above?

The apartment owner contacts an animal rescue team who then installs cameras on the roof of the building to see if they can record what all the fuss is about?

Screenshot via YouTube/KritterKlub

Hoping to catch who is coming and going from what used to be the attic?

Later that day the culprit is seen putting her life at risk making highly dangerous maneuvers just to get into the ceiling space.

Screenshot via YouTube/KritterKlub

A pretty stray cat is caught on film as she negotiates a very dangerous course through electrical cables and precarious drops before entering through an old window and disappearing from view.

Why would she risk her life to make such a dangerous entry?

Screenshot via YouTube/KritterKlub

The investigative team decides to find out and goes to another apartment that has a view directly inside the attic space.

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Sometimes doing the right thing is not easy, however, this man does it every day while risking his own life in the process!

She loved her cat but never expected her to do anything brave!

Finally, Mom emerges and so eventually does her reason for being there.

Screenshot via YouTube/KritterKlub

All in all seven kittens jump out of the window onto the ledge, risking their lives just like Mom.

Before jumping back inside the attic, gamboling about, creating the ruckus the people hear below.

Screenshot via YouTube/KritterKlub

Two things are immediately clear, both for the safety of the cats above, and the sanity of the people below.

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