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She Quickly Wrapped Him Purrito Style, Placing Him Against Her Chest, No Longer Alone He Soon Was Asleep

Found outside on the sidewalk outside a grocery store he was only a few days old and far too young to be on his own!

One piece of good news was he was well hydrated, this meant Mom had probably only just recently abandoned him.

Perhaps she had been spooked by something and accidentally dropped him as she made her escape?

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/calicatlady101

The other bit of good news was he had no apparent health issues.

There was no way he could survive without his Mom so the kind-hearted people who found made contact with CaliCatlady101 an experienced foster Mom, who immediately made space for the young kitten.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/calicatlady101

She immediately started bottle feeding him around the clock, something he took to right away.

Then she wrapped him up purrito style, placing him against her chest so he could feel her heartbeat.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/calicatlady101

“One of the quickest ways to get a bottle baby to sleep is to put them near your heart,” said Cali Cat Lady.

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Too young and fragile, what she did next might just have saved his life.

Following her stressed cries for help, he found her trapped, firmly wedged between two walls!

By day three things were going well, Ollie, as she named the little one, was feeding well and immediately falling asleep soon after just like kittens should.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/calicatlady101

However, things turned dangerous when one night Ollie got diarrhea and was dehydrating fast.

This is something that can be deadly to kittens around this age.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur/calicatlady101

Cali Cat Lady took her sick kitten on a late-night trip to the vet for emergency treatment.

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