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Paralyzed, His Injuries Were So Severe There Was One One Way He Could Have Got Them!

No one is completely sure what happened to him, however, due to his injuries it is thought he was thrown against the wall.

Charlie the kitten was brought to Marie’s house late one night when he was only about 8 weeks old, at that time he weighed no more than 2 pounds.

Paralyzed due to spinal injury, he had lost the use of his hind legs. How it happened no one is really sure, though it is thought he may have been thrown against the wall.

Marie had never taken care of a paralyzed kitten before, at the time she had no idea how much this kitten was about to change her entire world. The first time she picked the tiny kitten up he began to shake in fear, then realizing she would not herm him he relaxed and began to purr.

There was nothing wrong with Charlie’s appetite, and though he was probably in pain he appeared to be quite active.

On her first visit to the vet they recommended he be put down, Marie found this hard to take, and at the time could not really process such a suggestion.

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Treated like a worthless plaything, after the first week she is left almost paralyzed.

Having been missing for four long days, paralyzed, he drags himself home.

Believing that euthanasia was completely the wrong choice for Charlie she visited a local animal hospital to talk about surgery. Surgeons were willing to help but the cost would be in the vicinity of $10,000 to $12,000.

Being such a large sum Maire decided to share Charlie’s story on Social Media and set up a Go Fund Me Page.

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