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She Only Needed To Take One Look At Their Paws To Know They Needed Rescuing Right Away!

After finding them online a Good Samaritan knew they needed rescuing before it was too late.

After rescuing them and taking a closer look at their paws she brought them to safety and contacted The Odd Cats Sanctuary in Salem, Massachusetts.

Ferby the brother was born with only two front paws, he clings to his sister Monroe wherever she goes. Monroe herself is a tripod kitten, their uniqueness, however, does not end there.

Photo Courtesy of The Odd Cats Sanctuary

Both kittens have extra digits on their cute front mittens.

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Despite a serious injury, she was very curious and eager for attention.

Even though he was badly injured, as soon as he saw her reached out for a hug.

Tara Kay, founder of The Odd Cats Sanctuary received the brother-sister duo with open arms.

Photo Courtesy of The Odd Cats Sanctuary

When they first arrived at the sanctuary, as you would expect, both kittens were very confused at their new surroundings and more than a little nervous.

Ferby cuddled into his sister, absolutely refusing to leave her side.

Photo Courtesy of The Odd Cats Sanctuary

Monroe, the braver of the pair, did her best to keep him calm.

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