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Motionless She Lay Crumpled Into A Tiny Wet Ball As Cars Drove Past And People Hurried On By!

She lay motionless crumpled into a little ball, lying in a pool of water in the middle of a very busy road.

Out one-day Jarudech saw a tiny kitten crumpled into a tiny ball lying motionless on a busy road as the rain poured down.

She lay unconscious in a pool of water as cars drove on by and people walked past, he couldn’t ignore her as others were and rushed to rescue her. Taking her directly to a vet for emergency treatment.

It was clear she had probably been hit by a car, though as luck would have it she only had a minor injury to one front leg.

When she came round she meowed a lot, though not in a pain, staying very calm throughout treatment.

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Only just catching the officer’s eye as he drove past, it was still moving having been abandoned on the side of the road!

Curled into a little ball, lying motionless, they had left him for dead on the side of the road!

Where she came from, what happened to her Mom and siblings, no one is sure?

However, one thing was clear, once she was dried off, what a beautiful kitten!

Within days she was starting to walk again with a bit of a limp, though she wasn’t about to let that slow her down.

She was running around, exploring, and playing with her new toys. Jarudech kept up with her progress, unable to forget her, trying to decide what to do next?

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