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She Knew They Were Meant To Be Together And Nothing Was Going To Stand In Her Way To Stop Her From Making It A Reality!

Miss Lucy was not one to wait!

Melissa’s plan had been to monitor the new arrival for the first few weeks, and get him treated for any issues he might have, but Lucy had other ideas.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue

Named Luke, the new kitten had been found all on his own hiding under someone’s porch. Around the same age as Lucy, he too was somewhat of a cuddler and air biscuit maker.

“He now purrs a lot, is super energetic, and likes to attack his Snuggle Kitty,” said Mellisa. 

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue

Hearing Luke’s plaintive meows at feeding time, Lucy became increasingly eager to locate where this new kitten was. While Melissa was otherwise occupied, Lucy went on a new expedition.

“Sooo… this interaction between Luke and Lucy was totally an accident!!! I went out of Lucy’s room to put something in the garbage and she RAN for it, towards Luke. She was so excited to see another kitten her size. They started playing instantly,” said Mellissa. 

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue

So happy to find they were no longer alone, they played and cuddled, then played some more. Mellissa didn’t have the heart to separate them again, so Luke’s playpen was moved so the pair could have supervised time together.

“When 2 singleton orphaned kittens meet for the first time. New best friends!” 

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue

Ever the single-minded little diva, Lucy made up her mind it was time to move in with Luke. Refusing to be seperated from her new friend by something insignificant as a playpen.

When they were not high tailing about with seemingly boundless energy they could be found cuddling together during naptime.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue

Over the next few weeks, the bond between the adventurous pair only grew stronger, never apart they were constant companions.

They were now a bonded pair, brother and sister.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/Tiny But Mighty Kitten Rescue

So began the next stage in their adventure through – as it was quickly becoming clear they would need to be adopted together.

It wasn’t long before a family fell in love with the irresistible duo and Luke and Lucy found themselves in their forever home with two new siblings, another cat, and a dog.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/luke_and_lucy/

They quickly became friends with Beans, the ginger cat, and fell in love with London, their canine companion.

One thing never changed. Though they had found their forever home and their new family. They had found each much earlier, and would always remain together.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/luke_and_lucy/

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