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She Knew That Leaving Her Where She Was Was Tantamount To A Death Sentence!

It turned out the best news of all was she was dirtier than anything else! 

Something a couple of baths would fix in no time. After which, a cute tuxedo kitten, named Josephine, wearing a perfect suit, emerged.

They estimate that she is about 3 months old and is quite the snuggler! Now, Josephine is apparently a big fan of people. In other words, she likely never experienced the true horror that can come from human beings. 

She has recovered from her trauma and is ready for a permanent home. She expects her new family to include her in the number of cats listed in their Census questionnaire! Josephina was born late July, 2020.

If you live in Chicago, you may be exactly what Josephine is looking for! And we’re sure, whoever welcomes this addition to their family, will be getting much more than just another census checkmark.

So what if you are interested in adopting any of the amazing Chicago “mousers” that are in their foster care? You can contact Toni McNaughton at and Lisa Ward at

For more details please go to

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