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She Knew That Leaving Her Where She Was Was Tantamount To A Death Sentence!

There are some jobs that could be considered pretty much thankless, such as going door to door, town to town in a census year.

There are few rewards for doing such a task apart from some nice people you meet or come across a cute kitten that seems to have its mind set on one thing.

As was the case with one census worker while she was out encouraging locals to send in their census questionnaires. In the course of her day, she was walking along the sidewalk when she realized she had a self-appointed helper trailing along behind.

Looking behind, she was saddened to see it was a very dirty kitten scampering along, demanding some attention. Knowing that leaving the kitten there would be tantamount to a death sentence, the census worker easily scooped the little kitten off the sidewalk and had a new goal in mind. Her to-do list for that day was topped with saving a life.

She then reached out to Feline Friends Chicago, an organization well versed in saving lives on the Chicago streets. They happily accepted the life the census worker had saved that day.

Feline Friends is a foster-based, no-kill, cat rescue organization serving Chicago. We do not have a physical site – we are completely foster-based. To meet any of our cats in the Feline Friends program, we arrange meetings between foster homes and potential adopters. R

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Not making a sound the newborn kitten did his best, crawling along the sidewalk in the pouring rain.

Extremely malnourished they found her crawling along the sidewalk with her rear leg wrapped in some kind of cast.

Feline Friends is staffed 100% by volunteers and is funded entirely by private donations.

Right away they went about seeing what challenges their latest arrival was immediately facing.  

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