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Blind And Deaf He Stumbled Toward Her, Seeming Unaware Of His Surroundings!

Out feeding a local colony of stray cats one day she saw a new cat appear? Right away she knew something was not quite right, he was behaving very strangely.

A cat rescuer and caregiver in Little Rock, AR, was out feeding a colony of stray and feral cats when she noticed a new arrival?

Sarah Richardson knew something was not quite right with him almost as soon as she saw him. He was behaving very strangely, seeming to have trouble finding his way around? When she tried to approach him he high tailed it and took off.

Sarah knew this poor boy needed help, she also knew however, he may not be that easy to catch.

After five nights of waiting, her patience finally paid off. The white cat walked right into her trap!

As she quietly approached she got a huge shock! Sarah could see not only was he blind he was also tone-deaf! He didn’t seem aware of his surroundings or the fact that he was trapped.

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Going to the shelter to adopt one cat, fate stepped in and they soon found themselves walking out the door with another!

When she wandered off he thought he had lost her forever!

He stumbled and bumbled his way around the trap bumping into all the walls, trying to find an exit. How he had survived in this condition was amazing, though it was clear he was very malnourished.

His eyes were what concerned Sarah the most!

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