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Barely Moving, Her Eyes Crusted Over, Listless And Lethargic She Lies Beside The Trash Cans

After visiting a trailer park to check on the neighborhood cats she couldn’t believe what she saw. A tiny black kitten, barely moving, lying listless next to the trash cans.

Carmen Weinberg, founder of Animal Friends Project, Delray Beach, knew she could not leave this tiny black kitten there for one more second. This kitten needed immediate medical attention.

Carmen was able to easily pick up the tiny lifeform and place her in a carrier, taking her to her car.

Photo Courtesy of Carmen Weinberg

Lulu was not in a good way, covered in fleas, her gums were white and she extremely lethargic. She was so bad she had to be syringe fed around the clock.

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Once he realized he was the center of attention he refused to leave!

One day a tiny black blur sprinted across their porch, the very next day it was back!

It wasn’t until day three she began to turn around, bouncing right back, the little fighter even began to purr. Her two foster carers, Vera and Beth Stern soon began to see a little black panther replacing a listless lethargic kitten.

Photo Courtesy of Carmen Weinberg

After such a tough start to her short life, little did Lulu know her life was about to change in a big way.

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