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At Three Weeks Old He Was So Frail And So Desperate, He Cried The Entire Trip Home!

The next day was all about making sure the frail boy was as comfortable as possible and had a full belly.

“I’ve spent the last several hours picking fleas off of him and staring at his chest to make sure he’s still breathing. He’s content and even purred for a quick second.”

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

The next day though he was not eating well he was still hanging in there. He had managed to gain 1oz in weight and always perks up whenever he hears Nadija’s voice.

In the morning he was taken to the vet who removed all the gunk around his infected eye. The best news all was there was an eyeball behind all that mess! After some warm compresses, it began to open up. Medication should have the infection cleared within a week.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

“Some exciting news to share! First of all, the little man has a name… BEAN! Secondly, 7 cats from the home where Bean was born have been trapped and are currently at @harmonyvetcare for their spay/neuter surgeries,” said Nadija.

One of the cats captured was Beans’ mom Flower. That meant the litter Bean came from would thankfully be her last!

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

Bean meanwhile, was doing well.

Continuing to put on weight he was now playing with his blankets and not backward in coming forwards about letting Nadija know when he wants something.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

By the time Bean was 10 days old he weighed a grand total of 10oz!

He was even upgraded to his own studio apartment with an ensuite bathroom. The smart little cookie figured out to use it the very first time.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

Because of the collective efforts of the woman who contacted Chris Poole, and Chris reaching out to Nadija, Bean himself now has a very bright future.

Even better is the knowledge is that all the cats in the colony Bean came from have all been spayed and neutered. This means there will be no more kittens like Bean having to suffer as he did.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

Watch a cute video of Bean right here below:

Keep up with all of Beans adventures here on Instagram and also here on Facebook.

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