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At Three Weeks Old He Was So Frail And So Desperate, He Cried The Entire Trip Home!

Finding a kitten in terrible conditon she reaches out for help! The rescuer who arrives horrified by the conditon the tiny feline is in.

A woman in Florida is out near her home one day when she finds a ginger tabby kitten in very poor condition. Worried for him she reaches out to Chris Poole, aka Cat Man Chris.

As Nadija, a foster volunteer for AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, lived much closer, Chris made contact with her and she was immediately on her way to investigate.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

When she arrived Nadija was shocked by the terrible condition the poor little kitten was in. He was so frail that at three weeks old he weighed 6oz! That’s the weight of a one-week-old kitten.

He was also badly anemic due to an infestation of fleas and absolutely starving! To top it all off one of his eyes was sealed shut due to a severe infection.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

“I normally don’t cry when I pick up my fosters, because I think of it as a happy moment as their lives are about to change, but this guy was a huge punch to my gut,” said Nadija.

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A hard life on the streets had caught up with her. Her eyes sealed shut she lies on the curb crying in pain!

Having lived most of her short life in fear she finally feels comfort. Snuggling in she falls asleep in her arms.

The poor little guy cried the entire trip home, the saddest meow Nadija had ever heard.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

Once they were home he received a bath, several bottle fed meals, some extra fluids, and an iron supplement.

Feeling content, at last, he soon fell asleep on a heated blanket.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@tiny.paws.fosters

Nadija went to bed that night hoping he would still be with her the next morning!

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